Review: Ryes of the Robots Straight Rye Whiskey

Filmland Spirits aims to combine those who have a passion for whiskey with those who have a passion for the movies. Makes sense. You’d be crazy to miss out on either one.

The brand has three whiskeys hitting the market, including two bourbons (one a cask strength version of the other) and this rye, Ryes of the Robots, complete with ’50s sci-fi vibes on the label.

It’s an extremely cute presentation, but let’s talk about what’s in the bottle: MGP 95/5 straight rye, bottled in Kentucky. No age statement, but it’s necessarily at least two years old, for whatever that’s worth. Ready to try it?

Well, movie fans, there are no surprises in store for you here. If you’ve experienced the 95% rye MGP mashbill, you know what you’re getting in to. Like an Adam Sandler movie, it hits all the expected notes: an extremely grassy nose, pungent with black pepper, hemp, and cloves — perhaps some green olive notes in the mix. On the palate, well, more of the same, basically, here showcasing a mix of grasses and herbs, dill, and chai tea. There’s plenty of heat thanks to the somewhat higher proof, then as the finish builds, a smoldering note of walnut, vanilla, and milk chocolate that comes into focus fairly expediently. It’s a nice respite from a very green attack and palate.

As the credits roll, it’s approachable yet intensely verdant, just like most representations of this mashbill tend to be. Robots, for what it’s worth, have no hope to defend against it.

94 proof.


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