Review: 2010 Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port

It’s not every day that vintage Port shows up on our doorstep, and even rarer that it’s of the quality that we see in the wine we’re reviewing today.

Vintage Port is not declared every year, and 2010 was not designated as one. That however doesn’t stop Port producers from releasing something in those off years, and that’s exactly what Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos is — an off-vintage “single quinta” Vintage Port from a single vineyard in the Douro, Malvedos being the crown jewel of Graham’s holdings.

From the start, this Port is shockingly outstanding, as good or better than many declared-year Vintage Port releases I’ve experienced in recent years. Intense chocolate leads the way, complementing an appropriately (but never overly fruity) raisin backbone. Light notes of cinnamon, mixed nuts, and hints of tea leaf build as the Port takes on a more brooding cassis character as the finish builds. Gorgeous and opulent through and through, it drinks with a distinct maturity that feels 10 or 20 years older. At this price, pick it up by the case.

Note: Decanting is recommended.


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