What brands are most popular for Margaritas?

Business intelligence platform Overproof has determined the most popular brands used by US bars when creating Margaritas. But what products came out on top?

Overproof uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to analyse and understand beverage menus from restaurants and bars at scale. Having analysed every Margarita made using branded products across its database of 4.5 million US on-trade menus in 705,000 venues, the company found Jose Cuervo Tradicional to be the most popular Tequila brand used in the making of the classic Margarita cocktail. Furthermore, orange liqueur brand Cointreau came out on top of the most popular liqueur products to be used in the cocktail’s making. The top supplier for the making of classic Margaritas was found to be Rémy Cointreau (24.8%), however, Grand Marnier and Espolón Tequila-owner Campari Group was named the top supplier across all Margarita variations, including Skinny, and Frozen Margaritas. The Italian firm's brands were mentioned in the ingredients list of 48,700 Margaritas. This was followed by Sazerac Company (17.5%) and Diageo USA (12.8%). 1800 Tequila-owner Proximo Spirits was named as the most popular Tequila supplier across all Margarita variations. For the creation of Skinny Margaritas, Milagro Tequila was found to be the most popular, while Patrón was the Tequila brand most commonly used in Frozen Margaritas. Patrón was also found to be the leading Tequila brand used in 18 US states, including New York, Florida and California. Meanwhile Cointreau and Grand Marnier accounted for 74.1% of all liqueurs mentioned in Margaritas across all 50 states, with the former taking 38.1% market share, with Utah, Colorado, Vermont, New Jersey and Delaware featuring the brand most. Grand Marnier was found to occupy 36% market share, with North Dakota and Louisiana its most popular states. The most common Tequila and liqueur brand pairing was Patrón Silver and Grand Marnier (18.3%), while Patrón Silver and Cointreau were the second most common pairing (15.4%). The five most popular states for the Margarita cocktail were composed of Texas, California, New York, Florida and Colorado.

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