Review: Tip Top Margarita

If your idea of a proper cocktail is one positively brimming with booze, Tip Top Proper Cocktails has one for you with its ready-to-drink margarita. Made with tequila, orange liqueur, and I can only assume the tiniest squeeze of lime, this stiff drink comes in at a heavy 26% abv, roughly three times the alcohol of comparable RTD cocktails. Fortunately, the cans are a mere 100ml, so portion control can go a long way.

The Tip Top margarita delivers a predictably hot vapor on the nose, but also carries a notable salty-lime secondary profile. While the can proclaims the drink “always balanced” and “never too sweet,” we’re more inclined to agree with the latter claim than the former. Margarita lovers looking for a balanced cocktail may want to mix in a little more citrus juice to tone this puppy down a notch.

If we seem to be harping on just the alcohol content to the neglect of this drink’s other qualities, that’s really the point. This is a drink for those who think other ready-made margaritas are way too soft, and it compensates big time. While the lime and orange flavors do come through, they’re mere background players in an intensely tequila-dominant performance. 

26% abv.


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