Review: GlenAllachie Single Casks – Marsala Cask 12 Years Old and Languedoc 9 Years Old

The GlenAllachie continues to periodically add to its single cask collection with distillery exclusive bottlings as well as limited releases selected and bottled just for the states by ImpEx. We received a small sample of a 2021 U.S.-only release and picked up a more recent example on a trip to Scotland last year. Thoughts follow.

GlenAllachie 12 Years Old Marsala Single Cask 2008 #607 – Finished in a Marsala Barrique for three and a half years. Just 202 bottles produced, exclusive to the U.S. The aroma is bright and expressive with fragrant notes of chocolate mint, cinnamon, and clove enlivening a fruity layer of dried peach and Bartlett pear. The oak is buttery and nicely integrated with a subtle vanilla bean sweetness. On the palate, this one is quite the fruit basket, showcasing a mix of sweet and sour apple slices, orange peel, juicy raisin, and tamarind. The proof makes things a bit punchy at times, but overall, there is an even, if still spicy, warmth. The honeyed malt notes build steadily into the finish, which is sweet with orange rock candy and cinnamon sugar notes. 117.2 proof.

GlenAllachie 9 Years Old Languedoc Single Cask 2012 #804369 – Distillery exclusive, fully aged for nine years in a red wine cask from the Languedoc Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC). The nose is bursting with bright fruit notes – apples and cherry, even a bit of strawberry, among them. The fruitier elements diminish rather quickly, however, transitioning to calmer notes of raw honey, milk chocolate, and oatmeal raisin cookies. On the palate, things are lush and again quite fruity with notes of Cotton Candy grapes, sultanas, and dark berries. Still quite approachable despite the cask strength proof with a golden raisin and toffee foundation to balance the fruitcake high tones. The finish is generous, showcasing apple candies and clove syrup with a lingering, gingery spice. 121.2 proof.

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