Review: Cenote Tequila Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo

Cenote tequila is a bit of a mystery. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a “cenote” is a “deep sinkhole in limestone with a pool at the bottom that is found especially in Yucatán.” The Cenote brand, according to their website, uses the name to invoke “the beauty of the Yucatán Peninsula and the spectacular underground water systems unique to this geographical region.” Beyond this, there is little information available about what’s actually in the bottle, even aging times for the older expressions. So let’s give it a try and allow the tequila to speak for itself.

All three are 80 proof. NOM 1472.

Cenote Tequila Blanco – The nose on this blanco tequila is quite subtle, introducing light notes of bubblegum, followed by a touch of herbal agave. The palate is also gentle and follows suit: lightly sweet with bubblegum notes and a touch of agave character. The finish introduces a bit of black pepper. The alcohol is very well hidden here, making this a good introductory tequila for those that may be new to the experience.

Cenote Tequila Reposado – The reposado is even subtler on the nose than the blanco, introducing the lightest note of slightly sweet vanilla and a touch of ethanol. Agave notes can’t be found. The palate offers gentle, silky vanilla that turns to milk chocolate on the medium length finish. Again, the alcohol is very well hidden, and I think tequila newbies will find this a great introduction to reposado tequila, but I wanted the agave to play a bigger role.

Cenote Tequila Añejo – Soft, creamy milk chocolate and light vanilla notes appear on the nose and palate of this aged tequila. Once again, agave notes are entirely hidden. Some light, drying wood tannins appear in the fairly short finish providing a bit of spice. Another good choice for those new to tequila.

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