Review: Buchanan’s Pineapple

Just when you think you’ve seen everything along come something new: Pineapple flavored Scotch courtesy of Buchanan’s.

Officially billed as a “spirit drink” — Scotch cannot legally be flavored — it is a product “crafted with Scotch whisky, pineapple, citrus, and other natural flavors.” While I would suggest this is exclusively a mixer for oddball cocktails, Buchanan’s officially suggests you can drink it neat — which is how we always review spirits, so let’s get started.

The nose has that unmistakable aroma of pineapple flavoring used in pineapple candies: laced with caramel but sharp with sugary fruitiness. While there surely must be whisky underneath to carry this experience, you can’t smell it in the slightest.

With that setup, I was surprised that in fact you can taste the Scotch on the palate. That vanilla- and caramel-heavy pineapple candy kicks things off, but it isn’t long before the honeyed essence of a blended Scotch comes into view. It’s very sweet and well masked by the intense candylike qualities, but it does work to temper that sugar and tropical fruit, at least to a degree. Toasty breakfast cereal notes dominate the lengthy finish — surprisingly warming, given the proof.

What then to do with Buchanan’s Pineapple? I’m not entirely sure, though it does make a credible substitute for pineapple rum, should you be looking for a slightly different spin on your favorite beach tipple. Beyond that, sure, pour yourself a glass and down it neat, and we’ll discuss in the morning.

70 proof.

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