Review: Black Irish Cream Liqueur

I was ready to dismiss the celebribranding of this new liqueur outright, but did you know Mariah Carey has both Irish and Black heritage, making her the epitome of modern Black Irishness?

Let’s give the megastar a tip o’ the tam o’ shanter and see if this Irish cream will be all they want for Christmas this year.

The results are, well, just fine. Sweet but not too far gone, this is a middle-of-the-road expression of Irish cream, showcasing milk chocolate, vanilla, a light shortcake note, and hints of almonds. There’s a bit of an ethanol-driven buzz here throughout, albeit a manageable one, slowly fading as the elements of the palate disappear one by one. The nutty qualities of the liqueur are what linger the longest, with a vanilla-dusted almond note clinging to the gently sweet palate for the long haul.

34 proof.

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