Review: Ballotin Chocolate Toffee Whiskey

Our last encounter with Ballotin‘s (many) chocolate whiskey flavors was back in 2016. Since then, the company’s continued to innovate on the choco-whiskey tip, including this new release, Chocolate Toffee.

The flavor design should be fairly self-explanatory, and for the most part Ballotin comes through with this expression. There’s chocolate on the nose, plus an indistinct caramel corn element: toasted, surprisingly intense, and then quite buttery, promptly evoking movie popcorn. A somewhat saccharine sweetness arrives quickly on the palate, followed by notes of sugared pecans, dark chocolate, and barrel char — here doing double duty to evoke both the bourbon barrel and the essence of hardened toffee caramel. It sort-of works, but it never quite feels entirely authentic the way that some of Ballotin’s other expressions manage to do.

60 proof.

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