Portofino Dry Gin backs ocean charity

Italian brand Portofino Dry Gin has partnered with One Ocean Foundation to support the conservation of the marine and coastal environment.

The gin brand has pledged to support One Ocean Foundation's actions aimed at safeguarding the environment as a donor, taking particular action on the sea, the landscape and the people of the Gulf of Portofino. "We are thrilled to partner with One Ocean Foundation to support their important mission of conserving the oceans," said Ruggero Raymo, CEO of Portofino Dry Gin. "We believe it is our duty to act sustainably and protect the environment for future generations, and this collaboration is an important step in that direction." One Ocean aims to find solutions to the threats faced by the oceans, and inspire leaders, companies, institutions and individuals through the spreading of information and the promotion of the Blue Economy – the sustainable use of the ocean’s resources for economic growth, while preserving the health of the ocean’s ecosystem, according to the World Bank. Jan Pachner, secretary general of One Ocean Foundation, added: "One Ocean Foundation and Portofino Dry Gin share first and foremost a great love for the sea. "Having formalised this partnership will allow us to work together and in a concrete way towards the common goal of its preservation, starting from the marvellous coastline of this corner of Liguria.” The partners will also work together on projects to safeguard the Portofino Natural Park, preserve the area's seabed and raise awareness among visitors and residents to act with respect for the ecosystem. The Italian producer is also committed to reducing its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials for its gin. Last year, SB spoke to English singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti on his involvement with Portofino Dry Gin as an investor.

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