London Essence Co debuts Sustainable Spritz

Mixer producer The London Essence Co has teamed up with Avallen Calvados and spirits distribution system EcoSpirits to create the ‘ultra-low-waste’ Sustainable Spritz.

The Sustainable Spritz is made using London Essence’s White Peach & Jasmine Crafted Soda from the producer’s Freshly Infused dispense system. It marks the first time the system has been engineered to include London Essence sodas. The ’world first’ dispense system works by using patented micro-dosing technology which gently infuses freshly distilled botanicals into carbonated chilled tonic water at the point of serve. The soda is then blended with Avallen Calvados sourced from EcoSpirits’ EcoTote, a fully-reusable, refillable 4.5-litre glass packaging format, which replaces a standard six-bottle case of spirits. This saves approximately 2.7kg of carbon waste. The Spritz eliminates the need for single-use glass. Iain McPherson, sales director for Europe, EcoSpirits, said: “The Sustainable Spritz taps into the consumer trend for refreshing drinks while appealing to the increasing number of consumers making planet-positive buying choices, and it’s also a great example of how technology can be used to create sustainable solutions. "The Sustainable Spritz represents a collaboration between three businesses working together to make a difference.” In 2021, B Corp-certified Avallen partnered with EcoSpirits to be dispensed in venues using the reusable EcoTote format. Avallan was one of EcoSpirits’ first global partners. Avallen co-founder Tim Etherington-Judge said: “Sustainability is high on the agenda for many as we all strive to reduce waste and be more planet friendly in the hospitality industry. “This new serve, which in time I hope will become as well-known as a Margarita or Daiquiri, is the answer to anyone who wants a sustainable cocktail that tastes amazing.” Last month, Pernod Ricard acquired a minority stake in EcoSpirits through its venture capital fund. The London Essence Co said it became the fastest-growing mixer company in Great Britain last year with a retail sales value of almost £15 million (US$18m).

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