Cambridge Distillery Unveils Seasonal Gin

UK-based Cambridge Distillery has unveiled the latest addition to its seasonal gin range: Vintage 2022 Spring Summer.

Cambridge Distillery has utilised its 'unique' approach to gin production to showcase the flavour profile of a specific harvest, expressing both geographical and temporal specificity in a way ‘never before explored’. This latest release is said to express the distillery’s ‘distinct’ approach to both the creation and experience of gin. Master distiller William Lowe commented: "The hottest temperatures we've ever seen here in Cambridge [in summer 2022] created unparalleled ripeness and richness to this seasonal expression, whilst retaining the elegant and vibrant lift for which our spring/summer releases have become so famous". Vintage 2022 Spring Summer has been crafted by Lowe using a novo-dimensional distillation matrix. Temperature, timing, and pressure were among the nine variables used to tailor the treatment of each fresh botanical. The separate distillates have been ‘precisely blended’ to create a gin with a ripe profile of pineapple, lifted and enhanced by the ‘perfumed florality’ of hawthorn blossom. The gin is described as elegant on the palate with restrained fruit expression from flowering redcurrant, and supple citrus from lemon balm providing an 'extended and graceful' finish. The distillery says that serves made using the expression should be kept simple to avoid overpowering the quality of the spirit and the delicacy of the fresh botanicals that were picked and distilled under precise variables, such as timing, temp, and pressure. It recommends serving the gin chilled over ice or as Martini with a basil leaf garnish. The limited edition gin is the first of two vintage releases this year, each of which has been created to capture the ‘essence’ of a seasonal blend of fresh, locally foraged botanicals. Vintage 2022 Spring Summer is limited to just 600 bottles, with previous releases having sold out within hours of hitting the market.

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