Yamazaki Single Malt Limited Edition 2022 Japanese Whisky 700ml


Between 2014 and 2017, the annual releases of Yamazaki Limited Edition bottlings garnered widespread acclaim and became highly sought after in the world of Japanese whisky. These bottlings were characterized by their limited availability, precious aged Yamazaki liquid, and exceptional quality, making them prized collectibles among whisky enthusiasts.

However, as the whisky shortage crisis took hold and demand for Japanese whisky surged, some of these cherished expressions had to step aside to make way for more readily available non-age statement (NAS) whiskies, such as the Essence of Suntory Volumes 3 and 4 and the Yamazaki Cask Finish releases.

Thankfully, in the past year, Suntory revived the Yamazaki Limited Edition series with the release of the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2021, delighting fans who had been longing for its return.

Now, the excitement continues with the highly anticipated release of the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2022. This edition places a heavy emphasis on the use of top-quality Mizunara wood for maturation. The result is a creamy and aromatic expression that offers a lively and fruit-forward tasting experience, complemented by a unique and elegant array of spices. The whisky is smooth, full of flavor, and remarkably moreish, leaving you craving for more with every sip.

With only 1,000 bottles available for the first release, it's expected that stock will not last long. As a whisky enthusiast, this is a rare opportunity to own a bottle of the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2022, so act swiftly to secure one while you can. Embrace the chance to savor the artistry and craftsmanship of this exceptional Japanese whisky, and enjoy the journey it takes you on with each pour.

Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Yamazaki Single Malt Limited Edition 2022 Japanese Whisky 700ml

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