Wellington Palo Cortado Sherry VOS 500ml


Bodegas Hidalgo la Gitana was founded in 1792 and since then the company has passed from father to son. Today is one of the few wine companies ownedand controlled by the family and run by the eighth generation in direct line of thefounder. Palo Cortado is unusual, in that it first ages under a film of yeast florwhich protects it from oxygen, but then loses that flor to age oxidatviely at the veryend of the process. Thus, the freshness of Manzanilla and the complexity of dryAmontillado are combined. Over twenty years old, Wellington Palo Cortado is entitled to the designation VOS; Very Old Sherry.

Tasting Notes

Alluring sandalwood and musk notes lead the way for a stylish version, with

a caressing edge to the walnut cream, dried ginger, and hazelnut skin notes.

Features a core of green tea, Brazil nut, and almond flavors, with a long, lacy finish.

Bottle Size: 500ml
ABV: 18%

Review - Wellington Palo Cortado Sherry VOS 500ml

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