Venom Vodka


It was a warm Summer day on the Colorado River when veteran firefighter Kim Blaylock was inspired to enter the distilled spirits industry. With the picturesque Arizona desert terrain in the background and the beautiful Colorado River flowing by, the vodka vision was born over a cup of morning coffee.

As Kim pondered the over the possibilities with a friend and fellow firefighter, it seemed only fitting that the vodka name reflect where the vision came to life, hence the name Venom from the venomous desert wildlife.

He wasn't sure how to get started on this venture but one thing he was certain of, he wanted to create a top shelf, ultra premium vodka with a classy bottle design. The beautiful Medusa “Serpent” Goddess seemed a perfect fit. Venomous, beautiful and captivating to all, she became the sleek, classy design of the Venom label.

The ingredients however, took many years of research, classes and tastings to develop.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Venom Vodka

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