Vedrenne Red Bitter Liqueur


Crafted entirely from natural components, this mix showcases a refined bitterness, balanced by a creamy orange essence, pepper undertones, and floral gentian highlights. Since 1923, VEDRENNE has been producing its esteemed liqueurs in Nuits-Saint-Georges, nestled in the Burgundy region surrounded by local orchards. The brand first made a mark with its exemplary Crèmes de Cassis and other fruit liqueurs. Now, merging time-honored expertise with contemporary methods, the quality of Védrenne's offerings shines through. Their diverse selection encompasses both traditional and novel flavors, ranging from Crèmes de Cassis, varied fruit liqueurs, and aperitifs to fortified wines and fruit-inspired eaux de vie, brandies, and syrups. Annually, VEDRENNE's creations are honored with numerous accolades in esteemed global blind-tasting events. Of special note, their flagship SUPERCASSIS Crème de Cassis stands out as the most awarded blackcurrant liqueur worldwide.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 25%

Review - Vedrenne Red Bitter Liqueur

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