Tuve Black Note Amaro


The name “Turin Vermouth” is derived from historical familial recipes displaying the liquor tradition of the Piedmont capital. The distillery is born in the historic town where the deep roots of Vermouth originated in 1786. More than two centuries has passed, and since then many craftsmen, liquor masters and artisans have settled in what was then the epicenter of Italian Liquor. The Tuvè line was born to share the passion and warmth of Italian liquor traditions.

Tasting Notes

• Silky, sweet and delicate
• Clove, cinnamon and fresh citrus
• Persistent rhubarb and peppery aftertaste

Serving Recommendations

• Neat, slightly chilled, never ice-cold

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 21%

Review - Tuve Black Note Amaro

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