Trakal Patagonia Spirit


Introducing a bold new spirit crafted to honor Patagonia. Made from authentic and native ingredients, it’s like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Local apples, crab-apples, and pears create the base alcohol. During the second distillation, native berries: maqui, murta, and sauco are added. To overcome the hurdle of seasonally-grown herbs, the master distiller’s mother suggested making essential oils from each wild herb varietal in order to capture their essence year-round. Sweet and herbaceous, TRÄ•KÁL is extremely versatile and is great on its own, as a substitute in classic cocktails, or as the base in an original creation.

A proprietary blend of these essential oils: tepa, laurel, mint, paramela, and canelo are vapour-infused on the third distillation — giving the spirit a truly unique flavour and viscosity.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 42%

Review - Trakal Patagonia Spirit

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