Tomatin 12 Year

Distilling at the Tomatin site goes back to the 15th century when an illicit still operated out of the Old Laird’s House, a local landmark where shepherds and cattle drovers would warm up with a little whisky on their journey.

Distilling in earnest began in 1897, and the distillery grew in scale, becoming the largest capacity Scotch whisky distillery for a time. Since 2003, the 12-year-old has been the heart of the distillery’s range – a spritely, malt-forward dram that captures the essence of the distillery’s spirit.

The 12-year-old was recently re-launched, featuring a little more sherry cask influence, which has added fruitiness and depth.

The dram offers up flavors of sweet, honeyed malt, vanilla, flowers, dried fruits, pineapple chunks, gingerbread, greenwood, biscuits and toffee.

A classic Speysider, this would make a perfect daily drinker single malt.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Tomatin 12 Year

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