Tia Lindas

Tia Lindas Margarita RTD 1.75L


Tia Lindas Margarita is a premium ready-to-drink cocktail made with authentic Mexican tequila and natural lime juice. The 1.75L bottle is perfect for sharing with friends and family at any gathering. Simply pour over ice and enjoy a refreshing and delicious Margarita without the hassle of measuring and mixing ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Light yellow with a slight green tint

Fresh lime zest and tequila

A perfect balance of sweet and sour with a smooth tequila finish

Medium-bodied with a slightly oily texture

Clean, crisp, and refreshing with a lasting tequila aftertaste

Bottle Size: 1.75L
ABV: 18%

Review - Tia Lindas Margarita RTD 1.75L

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