The Deacon

The Deacon Scotch Whisky 700ml


Introducing The Deacon, a premium blended Scotch whisky that embodies the essence of Scotland's historic Islay and Speyside regions. Hand-selected whiskies from these renowned regions are carefully blended to create a whisky of exceptional quality and character. The Deacon's striking bottle, adorned with the shine of traditional copper pot stills, stands out on any shelf or back bar, inviting whisky enthusiasts to experience its unique blend.

Tasting Notes:

The Deacon delights the senses with a captivating aroma. The characteristic peaty smoke flavor of Islay single malts greets the nose, intertwined with a bonfire-like smoke character from the mainland Speyside region. The combination creates a complex and inviting bouquet.

On the palate, The Deacon reveals its true depth and richness. The smoky mainland malt whiskies add complexity, while the peaty Islay malts provide a distinctive and robust character. The interplay between the two styles creates a harmonious and well-balanced taste experience.

The finish of The Deacon is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of smokiness and a touch of sweetness. The complexity and richness of the blend leave a lasting impression.

Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 40%

Review - The Deacon Scotch Whisky 700ml

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