Tesoro Mio

Tesoro Mio Tequila Silver


The name of this fine Tequila is a tribute to the noble Blue Agave plant which gives life to this exquisite Mexican distilled spirit. In its land, it is considered a coveted treasure  --  giving rise to the Mexican proverb "Tequila, as woman, is not shared; Tequila is a Treasure of mine (Tesoro Mio).

Tesoro means someone kind or charming, which feels slightly odd for a volcanic guided tequila. Overall we have little complaints about El Tesoro as anything that can make a damn good margarita and not break the bank is a worthy tequila to have. The best part here though is that unlike many other tequilas from last year, this isn’t a sugary mess.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Tesoro Mio Tequila Silver

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