Tenjaku Japanese Whisky 86


The Japanese Characters for the Skylark (Hibari), the Much-Loved Herald of Spring in the East and West, and for This Masterfully Blended Whisky.“a New, Reasonably Priced Japanese Whisky Is a Welcome Sight, Especially One That’s Completely Distilled and Aged in Japan. This Is a Young and Fairly Light Whisky,

With a Distinct Cereal Note Coming Through on the Finish. Upfront It’s a Bit Fruitier, With Suggestions of Pear, Banana, and Creme Brulee, Plus a Bit of Elderflower. A Pleasantly Sweet Contribution From the Bourbon Barrels Makes This an Easily Enjoyable Blend.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Tenjaku Japanese Whisky 86

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