Tampico Hard Punch Citrus 4pk

Tampico's Hard Punch Citrus 4pk is a refreshing and bold adult-friendly drink that combines the fruity flavors of orange, tangerine, and lemon in an explosion of fruit flavor. This hard punch is perfect for any occasion, providing a crisp taste that will leave you wanting more.

Tasting Notes:

The Hard Punch Citrus has a bright and vibrant orange color.

The aroma is citrusy with notes of orange, tangerine, and lemon.

On the palate, the Hard Punch Citrus delivers a bold and unique combination of fruit flavors, with the sweetness of orange and tangerine balanced by the tartness of lemon.

The finish is crisp and refreshing, leaving a pleasant citrus aftertaste.

Bottle Size: 355ml
ABV: 8%

Review - Tampico Hard Punch Citrus 4pk

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