Talisker 1984 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky


Talisker 1984 is an extraordinary expression sourced from the very last casks of 1984 from the iconic Talisker distillery. These casks were carefully set aside and guarded for decades due to their exceptional promise. At the time, Talisker's distinctive maritime character was not widely known, but there was something remarkable about these 1984 casks that compelled the distiller to preserve them.

Selected by Dr Craig Wilson, Talisker 1984 is one of the eight meticulously curated whiskies in the esteemed Prima & Ultima series. From the moment the nose encounters this whisky, it reveals immediate notes of light smoke, reminiscent of the sea breeze and fine sand drying under the sun. The lightly oily texture brings forth a sweet and rich sensation, followed by a mighty peppery kick that evokes the power of a thunderstorm. Talisker 1984 captures the elemental glory of Skye.

Tasting Notes

The whisky showcases a bright gold hue with polished brass highlights. Exceptionally large beading is observed.

Medium to full-bodied.

The nose immediately presents mineral notes intertwined with a delicate smokiness. Hints of chalk and salt emerge, accompanied by nuances of fine sand and seaweed drying on a hot day.

Upon tasting, the whisky unveils a deliciously light and oil-smooth texture. A sweet and richly malty start captivates the palate, while a dash of salt emerges mid-palate, evoking the surge of waves. Waves of smoky pepper intensify, leading to a drying sensation towards the finish.

The finish is long and embraces a peppery warmth that lingers. A fine gentle chili pepper "catch" adds intrigue, leaving a peppery heat on the tongue.

Immerse yourself in the captivating character of Talisker 1984 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky. This exceptional expression embodies the essence of Talisker's maritime heritage and invites you to savor the complexity and power it holds within each sip.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Review - Talisker 1984 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky

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