Sluricane Blue Lagoon


40 proof Blue Lagoon is a popular cocktail made with blue curacao flavor, vodka, and other delightful properties and components Sluricane Blue Lagoon | E-40 Cocktail Slurricane, a fun, ready-to-drink rum cocktail . A sweet cocktail with a kick.

This brand is owned by acclaimed rapper E-40, once part of The Click, and was created after one of their 1995 hits “Hurricane.” The name is even in the chorus “Hurricane you can call me Slurricane. Slurricane strong enough to start an engine mayne.” Category Five Sluricane by E-40 Blue Lagoon Ready to Drink has a fruity and exotic taste that will enlighten your day.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 20.00%

Review - Sluricane Blue Lagoon

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