Slrrrp Shots

Slrrrp Shots O.G. Variety Pack (12x50ml)


Our original pack is filled with award-winning flavors. Make some noise as you enter the party with classic crowd-pleasers like bright Blue Raspberry Smash, sweet Strawberry Slammer, mighty Mango Mambo, crisp Peach Bottom, or juicy Watermelon Wiggler. Play the hits, ya know?

  • 50ml Shots
  • Award-Winning Gelatin Shots
  • Made with Premium Vodka
  • Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • POPSUGAR Article


Blue Raspberry Smash
Most popular flavor, Blue Raspberry Smash, doesn’t turn your tongue blue. However, it brightens any celebration with a crisp fruity flavor.

Strawberry Slammer
Satisfying strawberry flavor to take with you to the lake. Our Strawberry Slammer shot is fruity and crisp, and will send you to the land of awesome.

Watermelon Wiggler
Juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. Is there anything better? If you’re not dancing after a Watermelon Wiggler shot, something’s wrong.

Peach Bottom
Perfectly balanced peach flavor to remind you of that summer stroll in Southern Georgia. Peach Bottom is delicious year-round.

Mango Mambo
Refreshing year round, Mango Mambo is the perfect throwback to that romantic sunset on the beach.

Bottle Size: 50ml
ABV: 13%

Review - Slrrrp Shots O.G. Variety Pack (12x50ml)

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