Slrrrp Shots

Slrrrp Shots Mash-Up Flavors Pack (20x50ml)


We don’t make rules, we make awesome gelatin shots. Switch it up with a few new flavors and tasty combos. The Grape Houdini, tropical Orange Vanilla Thrilla, fresh Strawberry Banana Hammock, bright Pineapple Pandemonium, and crisp White Cherry XOXO – you gotta try ’em all.

  • 50ml Shots
  • Award-Winning Gelatin Shots
  • Made with Premium Vodka
  • Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Gluten Free


Strawberry Banana Hammock

A true classic. Strawberry Banana Hammock is the freshest combo of bright flavors perfect for your next rooftop pregame.

Grape Houdini
Satisfying and light, our Grape Houdini shot is as juicy as a grape straight from the vine. Grab these before they disappear from your jar.

Pineapple Pandemonium
Clean tasting pineapple with a ton of brightness in every shot. Pineapple Pandemonium is just at home on the beach as it is on the golf course.

White Cherry XOXO
Blossoming with complex and crisp flavor, White Cherry XOXO is the best drink for every celebration.

Orange Vanilla Thrilla
Our Orange-Vanilla Thrilla shot is one of the best flavor combos known to man. Homey and tropical all at once, you’ll be transported to that villa as soon as you drink one.

Bottle Size: 50ml
ABV: 13%

Review - Slrrrp Shots Mash-Up Flavors Pack (20x50ml)

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