Seven Stills

Seven Stills Secret Ingredient


Secret Ingredient is a collaboration with Temescal Brewing Company. Our pals from Temescal came out to brew a batch of DIPA with us at our Bayview facility that we then distilled and aged into a whiskey. Prior to releasing the finished whiskey, Temescal sent us the Secret Ingredient of their choosing that we had to incorporate into the finished whiskey.

They selected organic, lime tree honey. The citrus notes from the honey paired absolutely phenomenally with the tropical hop flavors that carried through distillation.

For this final batch we took it a step further and incorporated the honey that was produced on-site on the roof of 100 Hooper Street's bee farm.

This batch yielded just over 200 bottles of finished whiskey and was aged for three years in 53 gallon New American Oak barrels.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47%

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