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Senior's Genuine Clear Curacao Triple Sec Liqueur


When speaking of an official Curaçao Liqueur, the liqueur should be made of the dried peels of the “Laraha”, which can only be found on Curaçao. To this day, Senior is the only brand in the world, which does that. The peels of the Laraha are bitter, making the taste contradictory. When tasting the genuine Curaçao liqueur, you taste the bitterness of the orange, but also the sweetness of how a true liqueur should be.

Enjoy Curaçao liqueur straight up, as a cocktail modifier or as a replacement for Triple Sec. Considering that it can make up to 20% of the ingredients in your glass, you’ll notice a big difference if you use the good stuff.

Tasting Notes

Viscous mouthfeel, with almost no alcohol

At the front end you get a luscious orange blossom

Zesty, oily orange mid-palate

Spice notes of clove and pepper perfectly balance the fruit

Long finish

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 31%

Review - Senior's Genuine Clear Curacao Triple Sec Liqueur

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