Russell's Reserve 13 Year


Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old Barrel Proof Bourbon Delivers Aromas of Dried Fruits, and Flavors of Aged Oak and Sweet Caramel. Legendary Bourbon-Makers Jimmy and Eddie Russell Use Their Vast Knowledge to Craft This 10-Year-Old Classic. Aged in No.

4 Alligator Char Barrels and Bottled at 90 Proof, This Small-Batch Bourbon Has Spicy Vanilla Flavors and a Smooth Finish. The Intense Oak Woody-Ness of Russell’s Reserve® Allows It to Stand Up to the Bold Flavor Combinations of Campari® and Rich Sweet Vermouth in the Boulevardier.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 57.40%

Review - Russell's Reserve 13 Year

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