Rum Chata

Rum Chata Caribbean Rum


The Lightest & Smoothest Cream Liqueur

RumChata is perfect on the rocks, but don't stop there. There are hundreds of other ideas in the recipe section.
There's nothing we love more than providing our customers with the best tasting cream liqueur ever except maybe drinking the best tasting cream liqueur ever. And lazy rivers. And drinking RumChata in a lazy river, but we digress, that is why we use only the highest quality ingredients available on the market.
The final step of our process is blending in our own unique flavors, which come from six different countries and as far away as Madagascar. With the completion of each batch, we taste test it, hand bottle it, carefully pack it up, and then it is finally ready for delivery to our dedicated fans far and wide.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 13.75%

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