Rucolino Amaro Alla Rucola Liqueur


Made with two varieties of rucola, or arugula, which are grown on the islands of Ischia and the Pontine archipelago. The second variety is known as vellutata and has broad leaves and softer, smoother flavors.

The first variety, known as riccia, has narrow leaves and flavors that are lively, peppery with unmistakably bitter undertones. The leaves are macerated in alcohol for 40 days with herbs, roots, citrus peel, and herbs.

The liqueur's aromas of citrus fruit, cedar, and subdued caramel are reminiscent of an amber color with dark orange undertones. Pleasantly bitter aftertaste and lively flavor on the mouth.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 30%

Review - Rucolino Amaro Alla Rucola Liqueur

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