Ron Colon

Ron Colon 50/50 Rum & Rye


There was a time when rum was the most popular spirit in America. However, when new heavy taxes on molasses were introduced in the mid 1700s it caused almost immediate decline in the rum industry. The gap that rum left gave space for a new spirit of choice. By the late 1700s there were thousands of small whiskey distilleries in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the surrounding states. Rye was the grain of choice and rye whiskey rapidly grew in popularity. Our aim is to blend these two worlds with RUMRYE, creating a spirit that is a 50/50 split between rum and rye whiskey, showcasing both spirits side by side and creating a new category.

Ron Colón Salvadoreño rum is made from a special blend, creating a complex flavour palate. The blend includes a 6-year-old Salvadoran rum from Licorera Cihuatán, aged and unaged pot-distilled rums from Worthy Park Estate, Monymusk and Hampden distilleries in Jamaica. By combining column-distilled and pot-distilled rums, the overall flavour offers contrasting characteristics that interact to create something quite unique.

A 4-year old straight whiskey produced from 100% rye to showcase the warm and rich spice of the grain. Aged in a charred new oak container, barrel char level was #4 Char on the Staves and #2 Char on the heads. The overall flavour is bold with distinctive honey like texture, fresh mint and floral notes.

BLEND: RUMRYE is made with a 50/50 split of Ron Colón Dark Aged Rum and 100% American Straight Rye Whiskey, with the aim of presenting both spirits at their best, giving an authentic flavour and showcasing the special blend of rum and rye together.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 50%

Review - Ron Colon 50/50 Rum & Rye

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