Rhum Clement

Rhum Clement Mahina Coco Coconut Liqueur


Made by steeping Rhum Agricole with fresh, young coconut to infuse the alcohol with the flavor of the coconut flesh, sugar is added to sweeten and emphasize the fresh coconut. The subtle grassiness of the Agricole is a perfect accompaniment.

A bright French Caribbean coconut delicacy, Mahina Coco is crafted with luscious pieces of young coconut soused with Rhum Agricole, which brings a soft and sweet roundness of the tropics. Try Mahina Coco simply on ice, with pineapple juice, or in exotic island cocktails and batidas.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 18%

Review - Rhum Clement Mahina Coco Coconut Liqueur

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