Rayu Ensamble Maguey Joven Mezcal


A mezcal with a big personality, crystalline color and aromas of citrus, minerals, and earth, with fresh herbal notes.

Upon tasting, we enjoy an explosive blend of flavors with each agave contributing its own unique sensations. The Jabalí offers butter and hazelnut notes and a strong and wild character born of its untamed nature. Following are the mineral notes of the Madrecuixe (now known as Madrecuishe) bursting with flavors of moist earth, dried trees, and freshly cut herbs which then allow the entrance of the smooth and silky fruit tree and citrus notes offered by a fine Espadin agave which embraces the first two making a perfect combination for the palate.

A truly unique mezcal perfect for the grandest occasions. A union of the rebellious and the cultivated for a perfect marriage.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 44%

Review - Rayu Ensamble Maguey Joven Mezcal

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