Ragged Branch

Ragged Branch Cowboy Cut Virginia Bourbon Whiskey

Ragged Branch Cowboy Cut Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a farm-to-bottle spirit that is handcrafted on-site at the Toomy family farm in Central Virginia. The Toomy family has been raising cattle for three generations, and this whiskey is a tribute to the hard-working cowboys and cattlemen who put beef on plates around the world.

Tasting Notes:

Vanilla, caramel, and oak notes

Rich and full-bodied with flavors of toffee, dark chocolate, and toasted oak

Long and warm with hints of cinnamon, clove, and a subtle sweetness from the corn

At Ragged Branch, the grain is grown, harvested, and milled on-site before being distilled in small batches. The residual mash is then fed to the cattle, making this a true farm-to-bottle operation. To create Cowboy Cut, barrels are hand-selected and left at barrel proof, with no dilution or filtration, resulting in a bold and robust flavor profile. This Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey pays homage to the dedication and hard work of the cowboys and cattlemen who make the Toomy family's farm and Ragged Branch Distillery possible.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 57.5%

Review - Ragged Branch Cowboy Cut Virginia Bourbon Whiskey

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