Quiet Man

Quiet Man Irish Whiskey


Expertly distilled in small batches and matured in first fill Bourbon casks of American Oak, our whiskies are mellow and ultra-smooth.

At the moment we are maturing whiskeys which we have bought off the still from other distilleries, but everything we do, we do with pride and honesty and when the whiskey comes off our own stills in 2018, we will continue the same way.

This sweet blend has a surprising light, floral fragrance, and hints of toasted oak and honey. High in malt, it’s exceptionally smooth.

AROMA Light and floral fragrances with sweet and citrus notes
PALATE Perfect balance of spice and oak with sweet vanilla for a mellow, warm finish

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Quiet Man Irish Whiskey

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