PRIME Hydration

Prime Hydration+ Sticks Variety Pack


Variety Pack:

10 Ice Pop: Experience a blast of icy coolness with our invigorating Ice Pop flavor.

10 Blue Raspberry: Indulge in a sweet and tangy burst of Blue Raspberry goodness.

10 Strawberry Watermelon: Savor the delightful combination of juicy strawberries and refreshing watermelon.

Rapid Replenishment and Intensely Refreshing Flavors:

Each stick contains 250mg of BCAAs to help you recover quickly from workouts or physical activities.

10% coconut water provides essential electrolytes and natural hydration.

With only 25 calories per stick, you can enjoy guilt-free hydration without the added sugar.

Convenient and Portable:

Our single-serve sticks are easy to carry and mix on the go, making them perfect for busy lifestyles.

Simply add one stick to your water bottle, shake, and enjoy a revitalizing drink anytime, anywhere.

The Ultimate Recovery Support:

Replenish lost electrolytes and fluids to keep your body energized and performing at its best.

Stay hydrated and feel refreshed with our delicious and nutritious electrolyte drink mix.

30-Count Variety Pack:

Sample our wide range of flavors and discover your favorite.

Stock up on enough sticks for a month of hydration and recovery.

Hydration+ Sticks Electrolyte Drink Mix: Your perfect companion for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Bottle Size: 1 oz
ABV: 0%

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