Polish Standard

Polish Standard Vodka


In a world where premium is developed and targeted for the select few, we have created a vodka cultivated of the highest level of quality and ingredients, followed by a delicate distillation process, ultimately combining all of the beautifying characteristics of a premium brand. Triple distilled from Rye, Polish Standard Wódka is true to its namesake and ancestry. In an industry that has enti­tled distillers to walk a thin line between illusion and reality, authenticity has been lost. The value brand category has become saturated with brands that lack artisanal craft, and heritage. In response to a void and demand in the market for a brand that is Absolut in value and Elit in stature, Polish Standard Wódka sits in the Rough Luxury category. Distilled farm to bottle, Polish Standard Wódka is a rallying cry to families of distillers and their ancestors. The intention, to establish authority and define (not redefine), extent, value and quality. Vodka standards have been interrupted by imposters, thus the Standard is true Polish Wódka. In simple form, PSW from Kalizs, Poland is here to remind you what damn great vodka, made by generational farmers tastes like.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

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