Plymouth Navy Strength Gin


Gin had to be Navy Strength as it was stored next to the gunpowder below deck. A lower alcohol percentage like the today’s original with 41,2% would damage the gunpowder if it was to leak on the gunpowder. The Navy Strength with 57% is a flammable liquid and would therefore not damage the gunpowder. These days, no self-respecting bartender would omit it from their arsenal either.

Tasting Notes

A heady aroma, powered by our seven time-honoured botanicals.

A little muscle goes a long way, and this extra-strength take on Plymouth Gin Original certainly packs a punch: go all-in with the zing of citrus and juniper,

Everything in moderation: Balanced by gentler notes of green cardamom and sweet orange.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 57%

Review - Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

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