Plantation Aged 5 Years


American oak barrels play host to this rum where it ages for three to four years. Next, a woody and nutmeg palette is drawn out in Ferrand French oak casks as the rum continues to mature for one to two years.

The result is a subtle and tropical Barbadian-style rum, excellent for aperitifs or classic cocktails like the Mai Tai.


Nose: The opening nosing round is all about baking shop fragrances, but also pipe tobacco, toasted marshmallow; secondary whiffs after further aeration discover bacon fat, black raisin, prune.

Palate: Entry is bittersweet, roasted; midpalate is engagingly toasty, nearly fruity, as in baked orchard fruits, and resiny. Finishes medium-long, chocolaty.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Plantation Aged 5 Years

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