Pierre Ferrand

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Cognac


The art of aging in wine barrels and the intricate cognacs that it produced was a time-forgotten secret until Ferrand Cognac's research uncovered the truth. With Double Cask Réserve, Ferrand became the first cognac producer to use this technique in modern times.

Following a second maturation in Banyuls barrels, a French sweet fortified aperitif wine, this cognac is full-bodied and rich, with warm notes of vanilla, red fruits, walnuts, cinnamon, and chocolate. Simply beautiful on its own, Double Cask invokes the glowing sensation of sitting with friends in front of the fireplace.

As you sip, notice the deep rich flavor brought out by the long aging of Double Cask uniquely complemented by the luscious rancio of the Banyuls barrels. This is a permanent addition to the Ferrand Cognac portfolio and replaces their former Réserve bottling.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 42.3%

Review - Pierre Ferrand Reserve Cognac

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