Perpetuity Batch #1 Scotch Whisky

Batch 1 of Perpetuity Scotch Whisky starts with a Deanston cask, known for its cereal-forward, nutty, and robust Highland style. This cask provides a solid foundation on which to construct the other elements of the blend. A North British ex-bourbon American standard barrel adds lemony notes to the mix, while another cask from North British, almost bourbon-like in character, provides depth with thick caramel and espresso notes. The final touch is a rich first-fill sherry hogshead that imparts flavors of spiced apple crumble, balanced with the backbone of sherry that gives rich dark fruits, raisins, and leather. The result is a mouth-coating and balanced whisky that binds all the flavors together.

Tasting Notes:

Caramelized apple tart, custard Danish pastries, sandalwood.

Crème brûlée, lemon sherbets, toffee, marmalade.

Lemon drizzle cake, clotted cream.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Perpetuity Batch #1 Scotch Whisky

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