Penelope Rose Cask Finish Bourbon


Penelope Rosé Cask Finish is the first installment in our Cooper Series which takes our straight whiskeys on a world tour, pairing Penelope with wine casks from the finest wine making regions. Sweet and delicate, Rosé Cask Finish marries our signature straight bourbon whiskey with hand-selected French Rosé wine casks from the Southern Rhône region, bringing together a truly unique alliance of flavor.

Tasting Notes

Candied fruit and cream, floral and herbal notes

Forward Notes
Sweet and refreshing hints of vanilla and viscous cream

Creamy sweetness transitions from the forward notes and into the body, herbal, floral and strawberry cream

Rich creamy vanilla with hints of strawberry. Savory finish with lingering notes

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47%

Review - Penelope Rose Cask Finish Bourbon

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