Penelope Founders Reserve 15 Year Old American Light Whiskey


Penelope Bourbon Founders Reserve is a remarkable expression that showcases rare and unique barrels carefully selected by Penelope Bourbon. For the second release, the focus is on a collection of Light Whiskey barrels distilled from corn at Seagrams Indiana in 2007. These exceptional barrels have been aged in second-fill oak barrels, resulting in a whiskey that exudes distinctive flavors and aromas. Prepare to indulge in the savory essence of vanilla, complemented by hints of cinnamon and creme brûlée, making this whiskey a truly remarkable find.

Tasting Notes:

The aroma opens with rich vanilla notes, enticing and inviting. Subtle hints of cinnamon add a touch of spice, while the delicate scent of creme brûlée lingers in the background.

On the palate, the savory vanilla takes center stage, enveloping the taste buds in a smooth and luxurious embrace. The cinnamon spice intensifies, adding depth and complexity to the whiskey. A subtle undertone of creme brûlée adds a delightful sweetness.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression of vanilla and cinnamon, with a touch of creamy indulgence.

Please note that these tasting notes are subjective and individual experiences may vary.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 61%

Review - Penelope Founders Reserve 15 Year Old American Light Whiskey

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