Pavan Liqueur

Pavan is crafted with hand-harvested Petite Muscat grapes from the renowned AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) region of Frontignan. Long exposure to the sun and proximity to the sea provide the perfect conditions for the Muscat vines to thrive, producing small berries that are naturally sweet and rich in aromas. The Muscat juice is blended with a grape-based spirit, creating a traditional ‘vin de liqueur’. This fortification process prevents the fermentation of the juice and preserves the original aromas and freshness of the Muscat grape. This ‘vin de liqueur’ is aged for two years in century old oak casts. This allows the blend to mature slowly while retaining the distinctive character of the original fruit. Finally, the ‘vin de liqueur’ is blended with a touch of orange blossom from the Mediterranean. This infusion gives Pavan its aromatic citrus notes and reinforces its freshness.

Tasting Notes

Taste: Very floral - think potpourri infused dessert wine served with lemon zest

Finish: Strong citric acidity in the finish with lingering sweetness

Bottle Size: 750ml

Review - Pavan Liqueur

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