Pajarote Toronja Arandense & Romero Liqueur


Arandense Grapefruit & Rosemary Liqueur is made by slowly and carefully peeling the grapefruit shells, during which you slowly but surely get drunk on the fragrant oils they emit. The husks will then macerate for a few months inside our cane distillate.Over time, the shell starts to lend its aromas and colors to the distillate. When it’s time, the rosemary is added, which brings freshness and balance to the maceration. This combination opens the nose to an almost therapeutic experience that invites you to clear your mind and enjoy.

Finally, natural colorants extracted from the achiote and cochineal are added. This process generates sediments that we like to preserve and present in the bottle.

I suggest for this liqueur to be tasted with Siembra Azul blanco tequila to better understand the botanical environment, and to be gastronomically transported to the beautiful agave fields where Siembra Azul tequila is made.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 22%

Review - Pajarote Toronja Arandense & Romero Liqueur

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