Paddy's Irish Wiskey 1.75L


There’s a reason Paddy has been triple distilled the same way in County Cork Ireland for nearly a quarter-millennium. Some good things don’t come to an end.

The product of three classic Irish approaches to whiskey distillation, Paddy has the distinction of blending grain, malt and pot-still into a single, smooth spirit. Each component contributes subtle flavourings to achieve a uniquely smooth result. The grain offers a light, floral touch of crisp sweetness. The malt augments the sweetness with a slight note of toasted biscuit, and the pot-still brings the traditional Irish creaminess—with but a breath of spice, honey and vanilla.

An approachable Irish whiskey comprised of a triple-distilled blend of grain, malt and pot-still, Paddy is mild and yet crisp, with a hint of honey. Paddy is the perfect session spirit for gathering ‘round for good times with friends. Triple-distilled from the finest barley and water from County Cork’s Irish countryside, Paddy matures for years in three types of oaken casks, acquiring its distinctively rich and golden color in dark, aromatic warehouses before being bottled and shipped directly from Ireland.

Nose Malty, fresh, woody. Hints of spice, honey, vanilla.

Taste Light and crisp. Hints of nuts, malt, charred wood.

Finish A gently fading sweetness. A lingering of mild, woody malt

Bottle Size: 1.75L
ABV: 40%

Review - Paddy's Irish Wiskey 1.75L

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