Paddy Devils Apple 1L


Spiced Apple/Devil's Apple is made with PADDY Irish whiskey and premium grain spirit, which is blended with natural apple and cinnamon flavours and sugar in a small batch production process in vats, married overnight, filtered and then bottled. A red Irish apple style flavour was selected for its combination of crisp tartness and smooth juiciness to complement the nutty vanilla notes.  

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh apple and lively cinnamon aromatics upfront with background notes of cereal grains, malted barley and hints of mellow toasted wood. Undertones of Classic Paddy Irish Whiskey. 

Taste: Sweet, medium bodied, spiced fruit - a perfect marriage of crisp, crunchy, red apple tartness and the kick of earthy, spicy, cinnamon followed by mellow maltiness and mild toasted wood notes. 

Finish: Long smooth spicy finish with sweet soft fruit, mellow maltiness and toasted wood characteristics followed by lingering apple tartness & spicy cinnamon notes. 

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 35%

Review - Paddy Devils Apple 1L

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